Breakups are one of the most painful experiences a human being could possibly experience. Of course, no one would ever want to feel pain while they are living in this world, but no matter how we want to avoid stressful things, negative things really do happen and all we could do is stay strong and cope with it. People have different ways one could do to feel better after a breakup, different methodologies apply to different personalities. However, it will still depend on the person moving on, on how he or she would handle the breakup. Some broken souls are having a hard time to move on because they keep on looking back at their past or they keep on blaming themselves for what has happened, some hold on grudges they could not just let go unless they take a good revenge. No matter the situation is, remember that there are always ways and options to end this suffering and it could be up to you and the people around you.

It’s okay to mourn

The primary rule of breakup is that do not hold back the emotions that you kept on hiding during the days of your distress. Know that it is fine to cry over a breakup and crying does not mean that you are weak, sometimes crying means you stood strong for so long that it exhausts you physically and emotionally. Letting out all the negative emotions could greatly lessen the pain. Call your most trustworthy friend over and have a heart to heart talk.

Learn to love yourself

Any mistakes done in the past is already in the past, what you can do is accept that you also made a mistake and that you will use that dark past to be a better person. This stage is very crucial, one can either destroy oneself or make oneself a whole new better person. At this point, it depends on the person on how he or she would handle the situation. Seeking a professional help, a psychiatrist or psychologist could also be the best option. Remember that the pain you feel will always come back to you as long as you still hold onto the grudge and as long as you feel guilty. Everyone makes mistake, forgive you, as the Father also forgives those who committed sins against him. Understand that negative feelings can bring you nowhere but to self-destruction.

It’s okay to be alone

There is nothing wrong to be alone. While most people think that being alone is scary, there are also perks of being a wallflower. Taking time alone can give you time to rethink your life, a time to reflect on yourself and your past actions and decisions; taking time alone give clarity to the mind and brighter future plans. Always remember that being with someone does not always mean you are not alone. It’s better to be alone with yourself than being with someone and still feeling alone – that is more painful, right?

Know who you used to be & the new side of you

Oftentimes, breakup and painful experiences give us lessons. We do not want to miss that. After a painful breakup, it is now time to rediscover who you really are. Start finding yourself that you lost in someone else’s life, discover what have you become after the past experiences you have been through and do not be afraid to admit if the transformation that happened to you is negative. Take time to understand what you want and who you have become and gradually restore the real you. Things like these really take time, be patient with yourself and let time heal the wounds.