Marriage is something that we do not decide overnight, it is something that takes years that involves of an emotional rollercoaster with the person that you decide to live with. The process of dating is not an easy thing either as there could be a lot of differences between individuals that do not seem to match up, but always remember that true love always endures until the end. However, under some circumstances, human feelings can change too, in fact, it could change easily given that the situation is undesirable for both parties. A failing marriage can be avoided if both parties agreed to make things work so before you decide to file and get a divorce with your partner, think of the possibilities, the risks, and the questions you should be asking before proceeding with your final decision. Divorce is very damaging not only to both parties but also the people around the couple – their children, their friends, and their families. Think about it carefully.

Have I already tried everything to make the marriage work?

At the end of the day, whether it’s a recurring argument, incompatibility, or infidelity, ask yourself – is divorce the best solution? Remember that divorce aside from being painful can also get messy and expensive. Determine what event triggers you to think that divorce is the best resolution and why that event kept on happening, have you tried everything to make it work again? If you think that your marriage has a high chance of being saved, calling out for marriage counseling is a good option too rather than just ending the relationship right away. Give it a thought carefully but also do not wait too long until the time comes off your marriage to become irreparable.

Is this a safe place for me and my children?

Know that no one deserves to have an abusive partner and if you thin that you and your children are in danger then you better act fast to get out of the house for the safety of your children most especially. Call a lawyer or have an immediate legal consultation for the steps that you could take to make everything fall in the right places. Sometimes, when a relationship becomes abusive, it’s still hard to part ways, but think of this as a way of protecting those who mean a lot to you. Putting yourself in danger can also hurt those who love you. Talk about domestic abuse to your lawyer and file a restraining order if needed.

I’m decided to proceed, am I prepared for a divorce?

Understand that divorce can be a long, painful, and stressful process, are you ready for this? If divorce is the only option you have, then you better prepare yourself physically, emotionally, and financially. If you have children, be prepared for the custody war with your partner, different agreements of income, debts, and other assets. Joint account will be frozen, utility bills will be changed, and the family pet, if you have, should be negotiable too. Of all the hassle that you will go through ahead, if you think that this decision will be worth it, and this will be for the safety of your children, then get the best lawyer to have your back.