We all know that marriage is not something that we could play by. Marriage is something that couples try to cherish and do everything to make it work. There is nothing more painful than a failing marriage most especially when children are starting to get dragged or get affected by the couples’ misunderstanding and arguments. There are many reasons why marriage fail, or even relationships fail, it could be a conflict with schedule, negligence, adultery, cultural differences, and behavior mismatch; of all the reasons that you could think of as to why marriages or relationship fails, we should also think about the people around us who will also be affected by the choices we are making; children, your partner, your family, etc.

Most couples who are in a chaotic marriage often asking “how do I know if starting to fall out?” or “are we taking a path towards divorce?” According to the couples that we encountered, there are a couple of issues that kept on happening between parties which could lead to permanent disagreements and unending arguments. We are going to discuss the top five main issues between couples that became the reason of separation or divorce. The items below could possibly or hopefully make realizations.

Being disrespectful with each other

Disrespect with one another begins when an argument and misunderstanding continues without hearing out one another. Disrespect is often the result of an unresolved issue which not being spoken upon thus resulting to overthinking, resentment, and impatient which could further cause avoidance of one another. The best thing to do when there is an unresolved issue is to talk about it – there is nothing more effective than communicating. By communicating we mean a two-way conversation, you listen and understand the other and respond, not listen and respond, leaving the understanding behind. This is one of the common causes as to why pairs resort to separation.

There is no more productive communication

Marriage starts to fall when couples are both unresponsive to one another. Due to an unresolved issue, differences, or misunderstanding pairs who start to give up on giving chances and patience will soon stop to make productive communication. If your marriage is now mostly about arguments even of the small things, perhaps it’s time to get help from a professional couples therapists or marriage counsel. When both parties decided to close their ears to each other, everything will definitely fall apart.

The trust is gone

Couples who are always suspecting one another is not a healthy habit and it will soon be the cause of a failed marriage. Losing trust can be caused by secrets being kept from one another. At this rate, remind one another the promise each kept at the altar. When trust is gone, the chance of separation and divorce is high. How could you be with someone you are unsure of? The feeling of safety will leave, and unwanted and negative thoughts will start to dominate the mind which is toxic for both parties.

Sexual intimacy is low or non-existent

Sexual intimacy is an indication of a healthy marriage. If you notice that the intimacy between you and your partner is low due to arguments then maybe it’s time to open up and talk about it. It could be that both parties are just contemplating and do not want to hurt their ego. Remember that in marriage, it’s better to lose and hurt your ego a little than losing the person you cherish the most. It’s not too late to open up and start a healthy conversation when both pairs try to make everything work again.

Conversation is often dominated by financial issues

One of the bad sign of marriage is when a couple’s conversation is being dominated by financial arguments. When one hides something about debts, income, bills, and commitments, the other one will start to make allegations and false accusations; even worse, when the other starts to make lies and get caught with it. If you notice that your conversation with your partner is mostly about financial arguments, then it’s time to check on everything.