For more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. understands that there loopholes in the court system that is why JDM found an alternative way of handling legal issues which could make the client come out as winners. The resolution offered by Jones Divorce Mediation is fully guided and facilitated by professional and accredited lawyers at a guaranteed low and flat rates which are just a small fraction of what client would spend for the litigation war.

Jones Divorce Mediation primarily aims to achieve:

Save a lot of time – JDM is working on a fast and efficient resolution to marriage dispute. Our suggested issue resolution is usually completed between a few hours to a couple of weeks rather than the traditional 12 to 18 months to get things to the court trial.

Save lots of money – one of our core visions is to truthfully help our clients by giving fair minimum fees so that our client could save money and use it to enjoy, after the depressing and painful process of divorce.

Accredited professional lawyers – save your money and time from inaccurate or out-of-date legal advice and choose JDM. Through years, our lawyers have been trained to become legally accredited and professional individuals who could act as a mediator or arbitrator.

Freedom to choose – here at JDM we never force anyone to take a process that does not seem or feel suitable to the case of our client. Among mediation and arbitration, we let our client freely choose from the options available or adjust depending what the clients want to achieve.

Easy, Fast, and Proven – our process and resolution are made simple, relaxed from the beginning to the last phase of the process. Our resolution is specifically made for our clients who choose to handle things on their own without the help of a legal counsel but bringing a personal lawyer is completely fine.

Jones Divorce Mediation’s major goal is to put the emotional and financial strain at the minimal cost possible as the divorce process is being executed. JDM is formed to be helping our client resolve their family law issues giving cost-effective resolution apart from the expensive and ineffective traditional legal process. Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. takes pride of our lawyer with intricate knowledge of the law. Our professional legally accredited lawyers continually build a reputation through years of expertise in the industry.