Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. also gives assistance for cohabitation contracts and prenuptial agreements. Clients who wish to have cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreement or marriage agreement are encouraged to use the free service of Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. to further assist our client with the challenging exchange of conversation between parties’ expectation, beliefs, interests, needs, demands, and goals.

Note that cohabitation, marriage or prenuptial agreement does not need to undergo a stressful process but of course; there is a risk to take when negotiating that would be agreed upon by both parties under the independent lawyers. Mediation has a lot to contribute towards a harmonious agreement between parties to ensure that the goals, interests, and demands of each party are met and maintained.

Marriage Agreements

This agreement specifies how the couples’ assets, debts, and income will be divided after the separation and divorce have been finalized. Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. shall assist the couple throughout their agreement on these kinds of issues. This agreement shall also give an opportunity to protect income, debt issues, protect inheritance, family business, save legal fees, settlement customization. Marriage agreement should be able to reduce stress and pressure for both parties. JDM will be assisting the client throughout the process to avoid uncertainty.

Prenuptial Agreements

This involves Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. on settling division of property upon successful separation or divorce. Prenuptial agreement will also discuss spousal support after the divorce or separation. This agreement could protect income, debt issues, inheritance and other exemptions, even a family business. Under this agreement, legal fees are generally reduced due to the agreed division of assets and debts. Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. aims to make a prenuptial agreement to be fast and cost efficient giving clients less stress and painful separation.

Cohabitation Agreements

Jones Divorce Mediation Inc. can also assist cohabitating parties to be able to reach mutually agreeable terms in regards to the division of assets such as properties and also the possible spousal support which could be paid after the event of separation or divorce. Determining these issues beforehand can be beneficial for both parties to avoid future additional costs and stressful litigation. A cohabitation agreement is also used to protect income, debt, inheritance, family business and other assets to avoid future uncertainty.