Relationships are like plants, as they said, it needs constant care and attention, and there are things or feelings that need to be provided in order for the relationship to work. As much as we want our relationships to last, there are just things that we really can’t control and the least that we could do is cope with the situation.

Marriage is always noted as a holy covenant between a man, his woman, and God. In some religions, marriage is something that cannot be destroyed even by the law of man which means annulment or divorce is prohibited. Some believe, that once married to a person, that person will always and always be your other half even though you have separated already, in this case, you can never find someone else anymore so live with because marriage is a bond that no one should destroy.

Today, couples who are thriving to stay together for the sake of their children barely works. Two people who are living together without affection and understanding might just result in physical and emotional distress. It is best to seek legal counsel or marriage counsel from a professional therapist to try and fix broken marriages. In cases like these, children are the most affected persons more than anyone in a family; it could result in permanent emotional damage or negative perspective in life.

Broken family and failed marriages are one of the major reasons why children through their teen years are prone to ruin their lives or to be a rebel against their guardian. Wounds without closure hurt the most when it’s being neglected, the same as wounds that are being treated or expose could intensify the pain. However, experiencing pain under treatment is going to worth once the wounds are healed.

The best solution a failing marriage could do is first, try to save the relationship. Think about what went wrong and the consequences that will happen behind the options available for you and your partner. We also advise marriage counseling from a professional psychologist which could make high possibilities of saving the marriage as sometimes there are still things that have to be told from another perspective. Try consulting a professional like this one here Relationship Counselling Vancouver.  If your marriage is beyond impossible to be saved, now is the time to consult for a legal advice. Everything can be settled when there is patience and understanding on both sides, pain can also be lessened when both parties try to agree and think for one another.

That is why Jones Divorce Mediation gives their best in solving and presenting a solution for failed marriages. We might not be able to fully eliminate misunderstanding and negative impacts from the events, but we try our best to gradually heal the wounds and hopefully let the children understand what is going on between their parents so it would not affect their general perspective in life. Failing marriage is need disastrous but JDM is here to help those who seek the way out of their painful marriage in a way that both parties would agree upon.